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Who Are the 11 Best Actresses Alive Now (2023)

Welcome to the Fellow Streamer post celebrating the 11 Best Actresses Alive Now in 2023. From seasoned veterans to rising stars, these actresses have left an indelible mark on the world of cinema and television. Join us as we explore their captivating performances and unique talents that continue to inspire and delight audiences worldwide.

1 Meryl Streep

Meryl Streep: A Living Legend

Meryl Streep_Best Actor Alive_fellow streamer

Meryl Streep is one of the best actors who ever existed. She has an incredible range, able to disappear into any character she plays. Meryl masters comedy and drama. She is also a master of accents, effortlessly shifting between them to bring a role to life. Streep has been nominated for an Oscar more than 20 times, winning three.

Academy Award for Best Actress for Sophie’s Choice and Kramer vs. Kramer and Best Actress for her portrayal of British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher in The Iron Lady. In my humble opinion, my favourite performances of hers are The Bridges of Madison County, The Hours, and The Devil Wears Prada. In addition to her unparalleled acting ability, Streep is also a powerful advocate for social justice.

She has used her platform to speak out against discrimination and sexism and to promote causes like environmentalism and education. Meryl Streep is one of the greats, and her impact on the world goes far beyond her work on screen.

2 Viola Davis

Viola Davis: A Force to Be Reckoned With

Viola Davis_Best Actor Alive_fellow streamer

I was first introduced to her work in the no more than 10 min performance in Doubt; that performance earned Viola Davis her first nomination for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress.

She is one of the best actors of our generation. Viola has an incredible emotional range; she breaks our hearts in Fences with the astonishing performance that gave her numerous awards, including an Oscar. I recently watched an interview of hers with Oprah’s truly remarkable poverty background and how she fought against the current.

Viola isn’t a nepotism baby; she isn’t from a wealthy family. She built herself up thanks to her talent. Davis is a powerful role model for black women. She is proof that anything is possible if you have talent and determination. Viola Davis is an inspiration to us all.

3 Cate Blanchett

Cate Blanchett: An Unmatched Acting Enigma

Cate Blanchett_Best Actor Alive_fellow streamer

Cate Blanchett is widely considered to be one of the best actors alive. The Australian native has starred in many films, from the Marvel cinematic universe in Thor: Ragnarok to independent art-house fare as Carol.

She has also won critical acclaim for her stage work, appearing in numerous Shakespeare productions and playing the icon Ibsen’s title role Hedda Gabler. In addition to her considerable talent, Blanchett is also widely considered one of Hollywood’s most beautiful women. Her classic features and regal bearing have made her a sought-after actress for period pieces and other roles that require an air of elegance.

In recent years, Blanchett has also proven to be a skilled comedian, appearing in several comedies and garnering rave reviews for her performances. Whether playing a dramatic role or cracking jokes, Cate Blanchett always manages to captivate her audience. There are two performances that, until today, I can’t take out of my mind; those are playing opposite Judi Dench in Notes on a Scandal and the role that made her obtain her first academy award for her lead performance in Woody Allen‘s 2013 drama Blue Jasmine.

4 Penelope Cruz

Penélope Cruz: A Masterclass in Acting Emotion

Penelope Cruz_Best Actor Alive_fellow streamer

Penelope Cruz is one of the most acclaimed Spanish actresses in the world. Cruz began her career working with famed director Pedro Almodóvar in Live Flesh and, lately, Parallel Mothers, where she got nominated as best actress in the 2022 Academy Award and has since starred in some of Hollywood’s most big blockbusters movies.

This Spanish beauty won an Oscar, a BAFTA, and a Golden Globe for the Woody Allen film Vicky Cristina Barcelona. Penélope Cruz has recently focused on independent films, working with some of the world’s most celebrated directors. Whether playing a wide-eyed ingénue or a world-weary mom, Cruz always brings sincerity and depth to her performances.

With her striking looks and undeniable talent, it’s no wonder she’s one of the most beloved actresses in the business. My two favourite performances of hers are because of the wildly emotional range in Pedro Almodovar Volver (2006) and Broken Embraces (2009).

5 Marion Cotillard

Marion Cotillard: A Tour de Force

Marion Cotillard_Best Actor Alive_fellow streamer

Marion Cotillard is a French actress who has won an Academy Award, a BAFTA Award, and a Golden Globe Award for her portrayal of French singer Édith Piaf in La Vie en Rose, her performance in that movie is, in my opinion, one of the five best performance ever done in film.

She also received two Cesar Awards, making her one of her generation’s most celebrated and acclaimed actors. Marion Cotillard began her career on stage before making her screen debut in 1998. Since then, she has worked steadily in both film and television, earning acclaim for her performances in such films as Jean-Pierre Jeunet‘s A Very Long Engagement Inception and Rust and Bone.

In recent years, Cotillard has also become known for her environmental activism, and she has been outspoken about the need to protect the planet from the ravages of climate change. As one of the most respected and influential actors working today, Marion Cotillard is a powerful voice for change.

6 Kate Winslet

Kate Winslet: Depth and Brilliance

Kate Winslet_Best Actor Alive_fellow streamer

It is hard to forget the first time we saw Kate Winslet on the big screen in the very shocking Peter Jackson movie, Heavenly Creatures; she then worked with Ang Lee and went on to win a BAFTA Award and got her first Academy Award for playing Marianne Dashwood in Sense and Sensibility.

She was a fresh face in the blockbuster Titanic and quickly captured our hearts with her performance. Since then, she has received critical acclaim for her work in films like The Reader and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. However, her recent performance in the mini-series Mare of Easttown cemented her status as one of the finest actresses of her generation.

In Mare of Easttown, Winslet gives a powerful, emotional performance as a grieving mother struggling to solve a crime. It is a complex and demanding role, but Winslet rises to the challenge with grace and power. Thanks to her stellar performance, Mare of Easttown has become one of recent most acclaimed television series. It is clear that Kate Winslet is at the top of her game, and we can only hope that she will continue to dazzle us with her talent for years to come.

7 Olivia Colman

Olivia Colman: A Versatile Acting Virtuoso

Olivia Colman_Best Actor Alive_fellow streamer

As I watched Olivia Colman accept another award for her role as Queen Elizabeth II in the Netflix period drama series The Crown, I felt like I was witnessing the new Meryl Streep come alive.

I was thrilled to see her receive the recognition she so clearly deserves; after all, she is one of the best actresses alive, and the portrait of the queen was just exquisite and touching. Olivia Colman stole our hearts in the ITV crime drama series Broadchurch, and since then, we have been enthralled by her talent. Watching her on screen is like witnessing magic; she can make you laugh and cry in the same scene.

She won her first academy award and many more accolades for portraying Anne, Queen of Great Britain, in the black comedy period film The Favourite, directed by Yorgos Lanthimos.

8 Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman: A Class Act in Hollywood

Nicole Kidman_Best Actor Alive_fellow streamer

Nicole Kidman is one of the most celebrated actresses of her generation. A native of Australia, she first came to Hollywood in the early 1990s and quickly established herself as a rising star. Kidman has delivered a string of critically acclaimed performances throughout her career, ranging from period dramas to suspense thrillers.

She has also earned Academy Award nominations for her work in such films as Rabbit Hole and Lion. She won an Academy Award for Best Actress for her portrayal of writer Virginia Woolf in the drama The Hours. In recent years, Kidman has maintained her status as one of Hollywood’s leading ladies, appearing in such blockbusters as “The Sentimentals” and “Paddington.”

Whether playing a grieving widow or a feisty photojournalist, Nicole Kidman always manages to captivate audiences with her talent and charisma. Even though she has been part of movies I adored, like Dogville, Moulin Rouge! and Eyes Wide Shut, I didn’t consider her one of the best actresses alive until Big Little Lies. She was extraordinary, and I believe she has been a GOAT since then.

9 Margot Robbie

Margot Robbie: Beauty and Brilliance Combined

Margot Robbie_Best Actor Alive_fellow streamer

At just 32 years of age, Australian actress Margot Robbie has already made quite a name for herself in Hollywood. Not only as a fantastic actor but as a producer. After starting out on the famous soap opera Neighbours, Margot landed a role in the Academy Award-winning film The Wolf of Wall Street, playing Leonardo DiCaprio’s wife.

Later she worked with him again and Brad Pitt in the Quentin Tarantino comedy-drama Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. Margot has since starred in several blockbuster films, playing Harley Quinn in the DC superhero films Suicide Squad, Birds of Prey and The Suicide Squad (2021). She got an Academy Award for Best Actress nomination for her portrayal of disgraced figure skater Tonya Harding in the biopic I, Tonya. With her natural talent and undeniable beauty, it’s no wonder that Robbie is one of the most sought-after actresses in Tinseltown.

But there’s more to this superstar than meets the eye. I remembered seeing her for the first time in the one-season soapy series Pan Am, and even though the series was cancelled and had terrible reviews, I knew a star was born.

10 Cynthia Erivio

Cynthia Erivo: An Extraordinary Star

Cynthia Erivio_Best actresses _Fellow Streamer

I had the privilege of seeing Cynthia Erivio live in the performance that catapulted her career. Not many times a Broadway show does that, but in this case, it happened. I remember having goosebumps when she sang the song “I am Here“, and the whole theatre probably had the same feeling because a 5 min standing ovation occurred in the middle of the show. It was out of this world. Since then, she is in her way to becoming the best actor and singer in the world.

Cynthia Erivo is a black British actress, singer, and songwriter. Born in South London to Nigerian parents, she began her career as a child actress in school plays. She debuted professionally in 2009 and appeared in several West End productions. In 2015, she made her Broadway debut in The Color Purple, for which she won a Tony Award. Erivo’s film credits include Widows and Harriet.

She has also released two studio albums, including the Grammy-nominated The Color Purple. Throughout her career, Erivo has been outspoken about black representation in the entertainment industry. Cynthia Erivo is the only black woman nominated for three Academy Awards in the same year. I am beyond excited to see her in the Broadway musical Wicked movie version.

11 Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron: A Hollywood Icon

Charlize Theron_Best actresses _Fellow Streamer

Born in South Africa, Charlize Theron has overcome a lot of adversity to become one of Hollywood’s most successful actresses. After her father killed her mother in a tragic incident, Theron was sent to live with her grandparents. However, she soon realized that she wanted more out of life and headed to Hollywood to pursue her dream of becoming an actress.

After starting out in bit parts, Theron landed her breakout role in the film The Devil’s Advocate. She has since gone on to star in several successful films, including Bombshell, Mad Max: Fury Road, and Atomic Blonde. In recent years, Theron has also taken on roles in the Marvel cinematic world in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, further cementing her place as one of Hollywood’s leading ladies.

No matter what role she plays, Theron always brings her trademark intensity and charisma to the screen, making her one of the most captivating actresses working today. Charlize Theron is a marvel. She can completely transform herself for a role, passionately immersing herself in her character.

This was abundantly clear in her Oscar-winning for her portrayal of serial killer Aileen Wuornos in Monster. In that film, she completely disappears into the role of a troubled woman who turns to prostitution and murder. With her appearance transformed by weight gain and prosthetic teeth, she completely disappeared into the character, giving an unforgettable performance. This kind of commitment has made Charlize Theron one of the most respected actors of her generation.


Frances Mcdorman, Julia Roberts, Amy Adams, Kiera Knightley, Octavia Spencer, Cecilia Roth, Carmen Maura, Angelica Aragon, Julianne Moore, Kathy Bates, Susan Sarandon, Jessica Lange, Octavia Spencer and Sandra Bullock deserved to be named on this list; even though they didn’t make the top 11; they are all extraordinary actresses.

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