Tetris Motion Picture Soundtrack: A Nostalgic Journey with Iconic Hits

Apple TV’s thrilling movie Tetris has an amazing Soundtrack. Step into the 80s with the Tetris Soundtrack – iconic songs and original compositions take you on a nostalgic journey. Groovy, reimagined classics & Russian vibes make it a must-listen for game & retro music fans!”

I can’t stop listening to the song “Holding Out for a Hero” – Russian Cover by Polina. It’s so addictive! That’s why I decided to write a post about the Tetris Soundtrack.


The Movie and Its Musical Background

The Tetri’s motion picture brings to life the thrilling tale of the legal battle over the game’s copyright during the 1980s. As you watch the story unfold on the screen, you’ll be transported to an era of neon lights, arcade games, and synth-heavy soundscapes.

The movie skillfully integrates the 19th-century Russian folk song “Korobeiniki,” which served as the theme for the Tetris game, adding a touch of nostalgia and authenticity to the film’s musical canvas.

About Apple TV’s Tetris The Movie

In “Tetris,” director Jon S. Baird masterfully brings to life the intense biographical thriller that revolves around the race to license and patent the iconic video game, Tetris, during the height of the Cold War in the late 1980s.

The film stars Taron Egerton as the determined game publisher Henk Rogers, with Nikita Efremov portraying the brilliant Soviet programmer, Alexey Pajitnov. Together, they embark on a gripping journey that delves into the legal battles and high-stakes negotiations surrounding Tetris’ ownership, taking the audience on an unforgettable ride through history.

Premiering at the SXSW Film Festival in March 2023 and later released by Apple TV+, “Tetris” received widespread acclaim from critics.

The film’s gripping plot weaves a tale of intrigue, showcasing Rogers’ relentless pursuit of obtaining the worldwide licensing rights to Tetris and the challenges he faces from competing interests, including media tycoon Robert Maxwell and his son Kevin Maxwell.

Amid the backdrop of the Cold War, the film paints a vivid picture of the complexities and dangers involved in dealing with Soviet authorities.

The performances of Taron Egerton as the charismatic Henk Rogers and Nikita Efremov as the enigmatic Alexey Pajitnov are nothing short of stellar, perfectly capturing the essence of their characters.

As Rogers navigates the treacherous waters of negotiations, alliances, and personal risks, the audience is drawn into a web of intrigue, suspense, and emotional connections.

The film beautifully showcases the enduring friendship that blossoms between Rogers and Pajitnov amidst the ever-changing political landscape.

“Tetris” is a gripping cinematic experience that successfully intertwines real-life events with a captivating narrative, revealing the relentless quest for ownership of one of the world’s most beloved video games.

As a music and movie lover, this biographical thriller promises to be a must-watch, delivering an enthralling blend of history, drama, and human spirit that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the credits roll.


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Composers and Artists

At the heart of the soundtrack is the brilliant composer Lorne Balfe, known for his versatile and captivating scores. With his skillful craftsmanship, Balfe brings the 1980s to life with a blend of electronic and orchestral elements.

Joining him are talented artists such as Aaron Hibell, aespa, Polina, and ReN, who contribute their unique flair to the soundtrack.

Tracklist and Notable Songs

The album boasts an impressive tracklist that perfectly balances original compositions and licensed classics. From the uplifting “Benevolence” by Aaron Hibell to the mesmerizing “Hold On Tight” by aespa, each song takes you on a sonic adventure through the world of Tetris.

Not to be missed are the reworked versions of familiar tunes, including “Heart of Glass” and “Holding Out for a Hero,” which add a fresh twist to timeless classics.


Music Analysis and Reception

Critics and audiences alike have praised the Tetris motion picture soundtrack for its captivating and video game-like score.

Balfe’s ingenious use of synthesizer sounds and nostalgic melodies perfectly captures the essence of the 1980s. As you listen, you’ll find yourself immersed in the film’s narrative, with the music acting as a companion to every twist and turn.

Reliving the 1980s and the Tetris Game

The soundtrack pays homage to the iconic 1980s era, featuring hits like “The Final Countdown” by Europe that will transport you straight back to the neon-lit decade.

Additionally, the inclusion of Russian versions of classic tracks adds an authentic touch, deepening the connection to the game’s roots.

Lorne Balfe’s Musical Direction

Lorne Balfe’s decision to depart from his usual action-oriented scores showcases his versatility as a composer. Through the soundtrack, he masterfully weaves a tapestry of sounds, embracing the essence of the 1980s while keeping the spirit of the Tetris game alive.


What’s the Tetris song called?

The iconic theme song of the Tetris game is called “Korobeiniki.”

It is a 19th-century Russian folk song and has become synonymous with the Tetris game since its use as the game’s theme music. The catchy melody is widely recognized and loved by gamers worldwide.

Tetris has a Great Playlist

  1. “Benevolence” – Aaron Hibell (2:30) A heartwarming and uplifting track, setting the stage for the epic adventure that awaits in Tetri’s motion picture.
  2. “Opportunities (Let’s Make Lots of Money)” (full length 7” mix; 2001 remaster) – Pet Shop Boys (4:36) The iconic hit from Pet Shop Boys adds a touch of 80s nostalgia and sets the tone for the film’s retro vibes.
  3. “The Final Countdown” – Europe (5:07) An electrifying anthem that complements the excitement of the Tetris game and elevates the film’s action-packed sequences.
  4. “Holding Out for a Hero” (Japanese) – ReN [ja] (4:08) A captivating rendition of the classic song, adding a unique twist with Japanese vocals and enhancing the movie’s dynamic scenes.
  5. “Hold On Tight” – aespa (2:29) A delightful original composition by aespa, capturing the spirit of the game and weaving seamlessly into the film’s narrative.
  6. “Heart of Glass” (Russian) – Polina (4:14) Polina’s enchanting Russian version of “Heart of Glass” brings a touch of cultural richness to the soundtrack.
  7. “Tetris Theme Reworked” – Metrophonic (1:31) A fresh take on the iconic Tetris theme, skillfully reworked to match the movie’s setting and immerse listeners in the gaming world.
  8. “Two Tribes” – Lorne Balfe, Kevin Blumenfeld (1:35) A powerful collaboration that adds depth to the film’s storyline, resonating with the clash of personalities and interests.
  9. “Puzzle Piece” – Balfe (5:22) Balfe’s original composition, reflects the puzzle-solving essence of Tetris and enhances the movie’s suspenseful moments.
  10. “Fall Into Place” – Balfe (6:20) A melodic masterpiece that brings the film’s characters and their journeys together, evoking emotions of triumph and unity.
  11. “Stacking Squares” – Lorne Balfe (4:25) Balfe’s composition that embraces the essence of Tetris gameplay, synchronizing perfectly with the movie’s sequences.
  12. “Schneidig Op Vor 79” – Admiralty Band of Russia (2:02) A delightful Russian marching tune, adding authenticity to the film’s historical context and captivating audiences.
  13. “Farewell Slavianka” – Red Army Choir (2:36) The soul-stirring performance by the Red Army Choir resonates with the film’s emotionally charged moments.
  14. “Holding Out for a Hero” (Russian) – Polina (3:48) Polina’s captivating Russian rendition of “Holding Out for a Hero” brings a fresh perspective to the song’s meaning.
  15. “Heart of Glass” – Polina (4:14) Polina’s mesmerizing English version of “Heart of Glass” adds an ethereal touch to the soundtrack.

Total length: 55:06

Each track in the album contributes uniquely to the Tetris motion picture’s storyline, creating an immersive and unforgettable musical experience for the audience.


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Review: Tetris Motion Picture Soundtrack

A Melodic Delight for Music and Movie Enthusiasts

As someone who grew up with Tetris and cherished the magic of the 1980s, the Tetris Motion Picture Soundtrack is a treasure trove of nostalgia and musical brilliance.

From the iconic themes to the captivating original compositions, this soundtrack is a testament to the power of music in storytelling.

Whether you’re a game fan or simply looking for a musical journey through time, this soundtrack will surely delight and entertain.

If you’re on the lookout for an album that promises an immersive musical experience, “Tetris (Soundtrack from the Apple Original Film)” is a must-listen for all music and movie soundtrack lovers.

This captivating compilation transports you back to the 1980s, embracing the iconic Tetris game with a perfect blend of groovy tunes, reimagined classics, and a touch of Russian influence.

Right from the opening track “Benevolence” by Aaron Hibell, the album sets the stage for an epic adventure, embracing the nostalgia of the Tetris motion picture.

As you progress through the playlist, the catchy hit “Opportunities (Let’s Make Lots of Money)” by Pet Shop Boys takes you on a joyous ride down memory lane, with its authentic 80s charm.

One of the album’s highlights is the Japanese rendition of “Holding Out for a Hero” by ReN [ja], which adds a refreshing twist to this classic.

The Russian versions of “Heart of Glass” and “Holding Out for a Hero” performed by Polina bring cultural richness, offering a delightful surprise to listeners.

Lorne Balfe’s original compositions, like “Puzzle Piece” and “Fall Into Place,” prove to be true melodic gems that intricately mesh with the film’s narrative.

Each track captures emotions of triumph, unity, and suspense, mirroring the gameplay and characters’ journey in the Tetris motion picture.

The reimagined “Tetris Theme Reworked” by Metrophonic evokes fond memories of the game’s iconic theme, revamped with a touch of modern allure.


The album’s seamless integration with the film’s storyline is commendable, creating a mesmerizing and emotionally charged experience for its listeners.

Its diverse range of tracks, from electrifying anthems to soul-stirring performances, ensures a captivating journey from start to finish.

“Tetris (Soundtrack from the Apple Original Film)” offers a melodic delight for music and gaming enthusiasts alike.

With its timeless appeal and impressive compositions, it successfully breathes life into the iconic Tetris game, making it a must-add to your music playlist.

So, grab your headphones, turn up the volume, and let the Tetris Motion Picture Soundtrack take you on a groovy and nostalgic ride through the unforgettable era of the 1980s.

Rating: 4.5/5

Listen to the soundtrack on Amazon, Apple Music, or Spotify.

Tetris Motion Picture Soundtrack